H.E.L.P. is the Health Empowerment Leverage Project

HELP is a network of associates working on community engagement and development.

Our key project for 2019-22 is FROM PATIENTS TO POPULATIONS [v6]  a project researching and promoting the essential role of community development in the context of the NHS long-term plan.

Our view of the NHS plan was also influenced by evaluating Barton Healthy New Town (Oxford) one of the ‘Healthy New Towns’ fostered by NHS England from 2016-2019.  BARTON_HNT

Formed in 2009 as a project of the then NHS Alliance (now New NHS Alliance), HELP was commissioned by the Department of Health to demonstrate and analyse the use of community development in health. Three major field projects were carried out, and the resulting report, Empowering Communities for Health, developed a model for linking health gains to NHS savings.

Working independently since 2012, we carry out training, evaluation and policy analysis.

In 2018 we produced a Handbook on Commissioning Community Development for Health.