About HELP


  • is linked with the NHS Alliance, and is chaired by its Public and Patient Involvement lead, Dr Brian Fisher
  • provides advice, project design and evaluation on community development in health and associated fields
  • supports a special form of neighbourhood partnership which boosts community activity and service improvement.

HELP was commissioned by the Department of Health to show how community development (CD) can be harnessed in the NHS. It introduced a cost-benefit model for calculating the health and other benefits of community development

HELP is linked with ‘C2’, based at the Peninsula Medical School, Exeter University, run by Hazel Stuteley and Susanne Hughes, who developed the 7 Steps method for creating a neighbourhood partnership which forms part of the basis for the HELP approach.

We work with a variety of associates and networks, and are keen to hear from others who would be interested to work with us – contact us here.