Evidence Based Outcomes

Evidence Based Outcomes –
supporting the case that community development
contributes to social capital, resilience, health and wellbeing

Quantitative Evidence

Community Development And HealthCD AND HEALTH LITERATURE REVIEW Brian Fisher Revised edn 2016
This review explores the impact of community development on health. It summarises the evidence that community development enables:

  • Health protection, resilience and wellbeing
  • Improved patient and public involvement
  • Tackling health inequalities
  • Behaviour change
  • And it saves money

HELP Cost Benefit Model
Evidence supporting the cost benefits of community interventions:

HELP DH Final Report:
Chapter 6: Costs and Benefits
Appendix B: Illustrative Cost Benefit Model
Townstall Community Partnership Measuring Improvement and Wellbeing

Qualitative Evidence

Testimony from local residents and service providers who have engaged with a community partnership. Direct and persuasive, it provides a sense of what positive change looks and feels like.

A Can-Do Community Partnership: Townstal key residents and service providers talk about Townstal Community Partnership