The HELP Approach

HELP’s mission is to maximise health through brokering dynamic cooperation and problem-solving between communities, health agencies and other partners. People everywhere have potential to improve their own health, wellbeing and local conditions by working together. But to do this they need support and engagement from the health agencies and their partners. Health and local conditions are improved by a combination of service change, behaviour change and new hope. This approach is both needs and asset based.

Our approach to any area where we are invited to work is first to look at the local situation from both perspectives – public services and local residents. We start especially from the concerns of people who are willing to be active in their communities. These concerns may not just be about health, but all sorts of health improvements come about through collaborative working on other issues too. We then help to form or strengthen neighbourhood partnerships between residents and public services, both health and other services and stakeholders. The next step is development of action plans which advance both the concerns of the residents and the priorities of the public agencies. Finding the issues which link people in the neighbourhood motivates them to seek change and, by doing so, change their own lives. We then help both sides to follow through on the improvements they seek, and we show how they can measure and describe the changes they bring about and relate them to health statistics and costs.