Training and Learning

HELP is strongly committed to ensuring the long term sustainability of our work with CCG’s, neighbourhood, local authorities and others. We believe that training and learning play a key role in underpinning long term sustainability and change. We also emphasise the importance of developing a ‘horizontally’ and ‘vertically’ integrated training and learning programmes. In all our training and learning work there is a strong emphasis on action learning and action planning, that is on learning by doing.

This means that our training and learning programmes are tailored to the needs of the commissioning organisations and the participants. the programmes also typically consist of a carefully planned mix of formal coursework, action learning, small group and individual mentoring and coaching, and the provision of backup learning materials and the opportunity to visit HELP projects.

Horizontal Training and Learning

By ‘horizontal’ we mean that our training and learning programmes are geared towards working with a wide cross section of participants form local neighbourhood, services local councillors elected, practitioners and operational and strategic managers. Through formal courses and workshops, action learning sets, visits and individual mentoring and coaching.

Vertical Training and Learning

By ‘vertical’ we mean the integration of key ideas and concepts, government polices, and national debates in a way that makes sense to the participants in relation to their own concerns and role and in shaping local strategies and actions.